Devotion of the Day


The world that then was…
The heavens and earth, which are now…
Nevertheless, we…look for new heavens and a new earth.

II Peter 3:6, 7, 13

We are hearing much about “one world”. The Christian thinks in terms of three worlds. The first was destroyed by water. The second will perish by fire. The believer looks for a third, where righteousness dwells. This present world is reserved for fire. The new world is reserved for us who have become citizens of heaven, to whom this present evil world is bout our passage, not our portion. We are strangers and pilgrims, we seek a city.

The people of the first world “knew not” until the flood came. Only Noah had his eyes open. The people of our world know not, nor will they know, until sudden destruction comes. They pride themselves on what they know, but it is only educated ignorance. There are those today, however, like Noah who know what time of day it is. When the last storm begins to break and all heads in this world droop, they will lift up theirs, for redemption nears. The Third World is about to begin!

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