Devotion of the Day


Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.
Psalm 37:5

“Roll thy way upon the Lord” is a marginal reading. Alas, we go through the form of it but fail to do the next thing, “trust also in him.” We take our burden to the Lord, but we do not leave it there. We keep praying over the same ground, committing and recommitting our way. That is not faith, it is unbelief.

A man quietly reading a newspaper may not look as pious as a man on his knees in prayer. But if he has committed his way to the Lord and left it with Him, while he calmly moves on to something else, he is a better Christian than one who never leaves his way with the Lord but is always trying to. It looks very religious to keep on begging God to take over our burden, but true faith casts all care upon Him because He said to do it, and then considers it settled and stops worrying about it.

When Hannah brought her request to God, she considered it settled: “so the woman went her way and did eat and her countenance was no more sad.” That is it! God your way, eat and smile – it is as good as done when God takes over.

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