Devotion of the Day

A Troubling Remembrance

I remembered God, and was troubled.
Psalm 77:3

One would expect it to read, “I remembered God and was comforted.” But remembering God may sometimes make us unhappy. As a truant child remembers his parents and dreads their discipline, so when we go astray we remember that evil going brings consequences. When we remember God’s holiness and our sinfulness we are troubled.

Then, again, when we remember God’s goodness and our ingratitude we are troubled. The goodness of God is meant to lead us to repentance. Like the Psalmist here, we call to mind better days and are brought to consider our ways to discover where we have departed from His Way.

Finally, when we remember God’s service and our unfaithfulness we are troubled. So much to do, so little done! If that does not trouble us, then we are in a low state indeed.

But the kind of trouble the remembrance of God brings is trouble that leads through tears to triumph. May God stir up our minds by way of remembrance, lest we forget Him too long!

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