Devotion of the Day

The Guest Who Would Go On

He made as though he would have gone further.
Luke 24:28

Our Lord did not force Himself upon the Emmaus disciples. He would have passed on, but He longed to manifest Himself to them and must have been delighted when they constrained Him to tarry.

Have we not sometimes, in the company of one beloved, moved as though we would be going but inwardly hoped we would be asked to remain?

Jesus is passing by. He is a gentleman. He will not abide with us uninvited. If we are to know Him better we must constrain Him. The deeper things of God pass on if we do not lay hold on them. Jesus always makes as though He would go further.

Yet He longs to abide as our Guest, that He may become our Host as He became the Host here and at Cana of Galilee. He sits down at our table, but soon we sit at His. He will sup with us, that we may sup with Him.

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