Devotion of the Day

The Unseen Captain

As captain of the host of the Lord am I now come.
Joshua 5:14

With Jordan behind him and Jericho before him, Joshua was no doubt pondering the seriousness of his situation when he met his heavenly ally against the host of his adversaries. I remember a great sermon by Dr. Paul Rees based on this meeting and it had three points: There was a heritage to be received, a hindrance to be removed, and a Helper to be recognized. We tend to count our adversaries and forget our unseen allies. Remember the horses and chariots around Elisha, and our Lord in the Garden saying to Peter, “I could call down more than twelve legions of angels” (see Matthew 26:53). We are before Jericho today and we need a fresh meeting with the Captain of the Lord of Hosts. There be many adversaries but there are more that be with us than they that be with them.

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  1. I always enjoy the great encouragement and wisdom in Vance Havner’s writings and sermons. He was truly a great man of God!

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