Quote of the Day

I watched a television program featuring Jascha Heifetz, now retired, teaching an advanced class of young violinists. These artists seemed to have reached perfection, as far as I was concerned, but evidently they and Heifetz did not think so. So they went through the tedious exercises over and over again until they were acceptable to the master’s ear. What hours of disciplined practice all artists, acrobats, performers in any realm, must go through to reach the top! It has been said that when acrobats are not performing, they are practicing. Need we wonder that Christians in general make so little impact for Christ when they are content with the lowest possible training in prayer, Bible study, witnessing, and all the exercises of godly living? The greatest of arts, Christ-like living, has the fewest who can master it. The greatest warfare on earth is carried on by the poorest-trained rookies in all combat. How easily satisfied we are with poor performance! It may satisfy us, but is the Master pleased? Will it merit His “well done”? There are few advanced students in the school of Christ but plenty of dropouts and a multitude of the mediocre.

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