Quote of the Day

True revival is a filling process: “Every valley shall be exalted . .” (Isaiah 40:4). We must fill up the empty places in our lives, not with the cheap trash of this age, but with prayer, worship, witness, and the Word. It is a leveling process: “ . . . every mountain . . . shall be made low…” (v.4). Pride must come down and we must humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God. It is a straightening process: “…the crooked shall be made straight…” (v. 4). Things must be made right, as when Zacchaeus cleaned up his financial affairs. It is a smoothing process: “… the rough places [shall be made] plain” (v. 4). Our rough dispositions, our tempers and tongues, must be made gentler so that we are not so hard to live with. What is the consequence of all this? “… the glory of the Lord shall be revealed…”

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