Stories: C. Randall Carrier

A Story About Vance Havner
By C. Randall Carrier

I never met Bro. Havner.  I had never heard of him until a little over two years ago, but as a result of him, I am now a minister of the Gospel.  I heard one of his sermons on the radio, and fell in love with his wit and style, and all the while it was like God was saying, “we need more men like him, and you should be doing this.”

I have since gone into the ministry, as I noted.  I have been involved in churchwork for over 30 years.  But I don’t think that I would have ever preached were it not for Vance Havner.

I have since collected every sermon of his that I could get, as well as his books.  I am not a Baptist.  I am a member of the Christian Church. And though we have our doctrinal differences, I still give credit to Bro. Havner for being the tool that God used to get me into the pulpit.

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