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A Story About Vance Havner
By Lee Rushing

I became a believer in Jesus Christ just before I turned 19 years of age. I was as green as they come . . . even though I grew up in church, I never saw a Bible in my home and had never read from one. I went to college at the age of 20, and heard someone talking about a preacher and author named Vance Havner.

There was an old plain and simple Bible Book Store in town run by three elderly ladies. I went to the store, and they still had some original copies of some old Vance Havner books. By the Still Waters, Why Not Just Be Christians? Repent or Else. Hearts Afire, Rest Awhile, Not Peace but a Sword, and Peace Like a River. I bought all of them and devoured them. Oh, how they spoke to my soul!

I wrote a letter to Vance Havner in 1979, and he wrote me back. He told me to “Follow the path Paul outlined to Timothy – doctrine, dynamic, and discipline.” God used that statement to help shaped my Christian life and continues to impact me to this day. Twenty-seven years later, God has given me many “Timothy’s” to disciple and mentor.

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