Quote of the Day

Sam Jones used to say that mustard was not effective in a can on a shelf; it had to be put into a plaster or poultice and applied to the trouble in order to be effective. So it is with the Word of God. The saints today enjoy lectures on mustard but they resent the poultice! And yet the truth must be applied to the trouble before we can be helped.

Devotion of the Day


As thy servant was busy here and there, he was gone.
I Kings 20:40

The man in this story received a charge to keep, but he was unfaithful, not because he was lazy or asleep, but because he was too busy. Idleness may be the devil’s workshop, but so is busyness if we are so busy that the best thing gets away.

Parents are too busy, and the children get away. Christians are too busy even with good things, and the best thing – to know God – gets away. Preachers are too busy, and the devotional life is lost. And while we are puttering life gets away.

The day of grace, the accepted time of salvation, passes unredeemed because we are too busy with the here and there and so forget the eternal.

If you are too busy to find time for God, you are too busy. You have received a charge to keep, and if your busyness keeps you from being about your Father’s business, you are a poor business man!