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A Story About Vance Havner
By Price Harris

It has been a wonderful trip to be in full-time music evangelism and to work with so many great preachers. I was with Dr. Havner in two or three revivals. One was at the great Fairview Baptist Church in Columbus, MS. This was in the days of the wired lapel microphone. Dr. Havner walked to the pulpit – laid the wire across the pulpit and said, “Oh, for the days before they put me on a leash.” The message I remember from that meeting was an encouraging message entitled, “Look Who’s Here”. In this message he asked the three Hebrew children, “How can you stand the Heat?”. They replied, “Look who is in here with me!”. He asked several Bible characters the same question.

The other meeting I remember vividly was in the Cottage Hill Baptist Church in Mobile. At that time God was blessing in an unbelievable way under the leadership of Dr. Fred Wolf and Ed Keyes. One morning I called Dr. Havner and asked if I could come and sit with him for a few minutes. He answered, “Sure come on up – a fellow can’t pray and read his Bible all the time, and I sure can’t watch that television.” I was able to ask him several questions. One was, “How can you go week after week for all these years and stay fresh and excited about the ministry?” His answer has helped me over the years. He said, I go to church like it was my first time, I ask God to make it the best time, and I remind myself that it could be the last time.

What a great soul. There will never be another exactly like Vance Havner.

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