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  1. I was delighted to be led by our Lord to find this site. I grew up in the First Baptist Church in Charleston,SC, and my father was ordained a minister in that church in 1925. Mom and Dad were very close friends with Vance and his wife and I have a letter Vance wrote to dad thanking him for his support. I was too young at the time to remember much about him but always heard dad speak of him as being God’s right hand. He was truly a man of God. I so wish he was still preaching today.

    1. Does anyone know details of his final days? I know he wanted to get “home before dark.” I re-read his books yearly and find fresh blessings.

      1. He was buried in the New Garden Friends Cemetery in Greensboro, NC in the Allred plot. If you remember, that was the maiden name of his wife Sarah. His funeral was held at First Baptist Church in Greensboro. A 65-minute VHS tape of the funeral was made but haven’t been able to find where I can get one.

        He was one of my very favorite preachers. His book “Though I Walk Through the Valley” is one of the best I have ever read.

  2. He has to be one of GOD’S greatest men, I love every thing he speakes about the WORD of GOD.

  3. By the grace of GOD , il need the bread of life ( from the word of God)
    Thank you for your Help
    God Bless You

  4. Vance’s sermons have and still continue to make me a better man for the Lord. A blessing for so many who have known him or heard his message of truth and love. We thank you God for this man, and for his unswerving submissive steadfastness. In Jesus we humbly beseech and hope to share His glory; that which Vance has already come to know.

  5. Thank be unto the Lord for using a servant like Pastor Havner! I was listing to Moody Radio last week and heard this Man of God preach. I am a Evangelist in South Africa and have been disappointed at the watered down message in today’s Churches.

    Although this beloved Pastor has gone Home, I now see him as my spiritual father through the work he has left behind.

    1. I found out about him just yesterday and decided to do a internet search and came across this site. He is so deep. I love his messages.

  6. Just finished reading the biography of Vance Havner..what a remarkable man of God…can’t wait to read more of his writings and devotionals…God has reached out to me through him…Thanks Dr. Havner for obeying the call of God from all of us….

  7. I heard Dr. Havner at a previous church many years ago. He was such a blessing. I have found a couple of his books online. So thankful for this! Mrs. Sharon Stubbs says:

    Looking forward to receiving the book. Thank you, Sharon

  8. Thank you for providing information about Vance Havner. I remember reading and being amazed by quotations of his since I was a teenager.

  9. Love Vance Havner’s books. Have seven of his books. One is a hardback, Consider Him, published by Fleming H. Revell Company, New York, London and Edinburgh, copyright MCMXXVII and is signed Vance Havner with the scripture 1Th. 2:4. Don’t know where it got it but as old as the book is, it looks like the Lord preserved it just for me. Book is in wonderful condition. Have read his books Just a Preacher, When God Breaks Through, Consider Him through once, Lord of What’s Left three times, Pepper and Salt two times. I am looking forward to the book you will send. Thanks Rev. Donald E Carter

  10. I love this man, will one day thank him in person for the faithfulness he showed throughout his life on the earth. I listen to him often through the recordings he has left behind, he always makes things so simple to understand and calls me back to the first love we as Christians should follow.

  11. I have 10 of his books, i came to know thru John Merck in the city of Saraland,AL. AND love it ever since. John used him a LOT. May God richly bless you. Wilton Bennett

  12. Just recently discovered Brother Vance Havner. My wife of 33 years just passed and I’ve ordered his book Though I walk through the valley. Looking forward to getting some help. I know she’s with God I just miss her terribly. No Doubt he’s God’s man. Love his preaching.

  13. I found many old copies of Vance Havner in a free book bin at my congregation’s library. When I first read Rev. Havner’s sermons, I loved them. His sermons are accessible without degenerating into “feel good-ism” or cliches.

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