Devotion of the Day


And he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God.
Exodus 3:1

Consider again where Moses met God at the end of his forty-year postgraduate course in Midian. In the unlikeliest place and at the unlikeliest time God brings us to the Great Moment. Moses, the adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter, brought up in the courts of Egypt, had known more glamorous days than now, a shepherd in a desert. But the big day and the hallowed spot, however drab and ordinary on calendar or map, are the time and place when we meet God and do business with Him.

There may not be even a burning bush. And God may not reward with an immediate evidence of His presence and power. But the man who has come to God honestly and simply and humbly, with no reservations, offering a willing heart, feeling or no feeling, that man has reached his Horeb, and though he be on the backside of a desert, he is also at the mountain of God.

Devotion of the Day


“Who am I?” I AM THAT I AM.
Exodus 3:11, 14

On “the backside of the desert” Moses came to “the mountain of God.” When God called him to his mighty task Moses was first taken up with his own insufficiency – “Who am I?” But God made it clear that what mattered was not what Moses was but who God is: “I Am That I Am.”

Jeremiah had the same fear as Moses: “I am but a child.” God corrected him: “Say not, I am a child…I am with thee to deliver thee.” “Who is sufficient for these things?” asked Paul, and then he moved on to declare, “Our sufficiency is of God.”

Moses started with “Who am I?” but soon asked God, “Who are you?” It is well for a man to know his own inadequacy, but woe unto him if he stop there. Let him move on to meet God and find Him sufficient.

It is not a matter of who I am but of who He is.