Devotion of the Day


So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

Today is not a day to be endured just in order to get over yonder to something better. The grass looks greener in the next pasture, but it is hard to tell which is our most important day. One day has one kind of opportunity, another has another. Let us buy up all the opportunities, for the days are evil.

We are apt to put a red circle around the wrong day. God’s calendar does not look like ours. The big day on ours may be without special significance on His. And the ordinary day, when “nothing much happened,” may, if redeemed to His glory, be a great day in His sight.

Do not try to evaluate any day, just make the most of it. What seems a dry and tedious interval, a desert stretch between here and yonder, while you burn with a fever to be into the middle of next week, may afford greater opportunity to know God and glorify Him than the glamorous day you are burning to reach.

Besides, this is the only day you can be sure of. “Boast not thyself of tomorrow.” And today is the only day of its kind. God never makes two alike. There will never be another day like it. You may call it “just another day,” but it isn’t. Make it count for God!

Devotion of the Day


Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.
Habakkuk 3:18

Habakkuk enumerates a lot of gloomy circumstances, failure of figs and lives and vines and fields and flocks. But although these barren states exist, he will rejoice and be glad, for heaven never knows a drought.

Whether actual or potential, we have to reckon with failure around us, and the devil whispers, “Yes, but…” and “What if…?” “What if you get sick? What if this friend proves false? What if this effort fails?” If you are going to add up all that may happen, you may as well add sleeplessness and maybe nervous breakdown. And the thing you fear is more than likely to arrive. “I feared a fear and it came upon me” (Job 3:25). We might as well face the worst thing that could happen and say, “Let worse come to worst, so what? I still have God.” Drop your tense grip and fall into His arms. Break the tyranny of Yes, But and What If! Faith is worth nothing until it disregards the Failure around us and rejoices in the Faithfulness above us.