Devotion of the Day


These things saith he…
Revelation 2:1

Nothing could be clearer than our Lord’s dealing with the church at Ephesus, and it is just as fit in our case today. He first commended them for what they had. “But this thou hast…” He knew their works and labor and patience and their hatred of false doctrine. Our Lord Himself hates the deeds of the Nicolaitanes. Don’t forget that. He said so.

Then He pointed out what they did not have. They had left their first love. You will notice how commendable a church may be and yet be without love. And without that we are but sounding brass and clanging cymbal.

Then Jesus tells them what to do. Remember, Repent, Repeat. It is very hard for Ephesus to remember from whence she has fallen. Usually, Ephesus does not think she has had a fall. The books may show a “rise” in membership and financial intake. It is tough going trying to show such churches that they have fallen. And of course repentance and a return to first works are out of the question until Ephesus remembers.

Finally, there is the alternative, what Christ will do if they obey not. “Or else…” It is revival or removal.

When will we submit to the Divine Diagnosis?

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