Quote of the Day

Don’t be a “new-translation addict.” Some dear souls feel that they could really understand the Bible if they could get hold of one more new version. Sometimes translations help a little, but it is amazing what some old-timers got out of it before the fad set in. The Holy Spirit made alive what no new shadings of Hebrew or Greek can reveal. A fresh experience with the Lord of the Emmaus Road will open the Scriptures to a weary disciple better than any new translator’s key.

Devotion of the Day

Back to Antioch

The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.
Acts 11:26

In this modern Babel we would do well to get back to Antioch again. Well might some “Jesus man” call us back to Christ Himself and the glorious privilege of being “just Christians.”

The traveler has been lost in the baggage. We are so cluttered with all the things that go with the Christian life that we can hardly identify the Christian. We become so identified with a fragment of the truth or a segment of the church that it is hard for people to think of us as representatives of Christ Himself.

Through the ages men have risen who sought to recapture the simplicity of New Testament Christianity. But the simple soon becomes complex, and they end with another denomination, the very thing they started out to get away from. There is a man, a movement, a machine, and a monument!

No, the solution does not lie in that direction. A man may continue in the same set-up, but he can transcend it and even restore to it the luster it once had by being a real New Testament Christian first of all.