Devotion of the Day


And as he passed over Penuel, the sun rose upon him and he halted upon his thigh.
Genesis 32:31

The “Pray It Through” and “Take It By Faith” schools have argued through the centuries and many a soul has been confused thereby. Some have “sought” and “tarried” and exhausted themselves agonizing to no avail. Others have mistaken laziness of passivity and have made a feigned faith an excuse for not resolutely pressing through to God. There is truth in both schools: one must mean business and come to a point of crisis; but, still, all we get from God simple faith must take.

Jacob did not win by wrestling. God crippled him and he ended by clinging. Sunrise at Penuel found him limping, but he had power with God and men. Paul did not pray through until his thorn was removed, but he learned to take by faith grace sufficient for each day. Jacob meant business and so did Paul. But beyond that they walked by simple faith and obedience. It may take wrestling to reach the point of abandonment. After that we cling in humble dependence.

Devotion of the Day


Therefore I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.
Micah 7:7

“Therefore” looks back to Micah’s complaint, found in the preceding verses. It was an evil time. Micah found no good man about him. Men in authority worked in collusion to do evil. No confidence could be put in people, even in one’s family. It reads like the morning newspaper!

But Micah was not left without an alternative. He looked unto the Lord. It is a fine thing when a man in high and holy disgust and distrust of the world around him turns to the world above him. Tired of all else, he thirsts for the living God in a dry and thirsty land where no water is.

Change and decay in all around I see;
O, Thou who changest not, abide with me!

When we grow sick of earth and all it has to offer, we are in good shape to look up. And as some saint has said, “We must get into us more of that which is above us or we shall give way to that which is around us.”