Devotion of the Day


And he thought within himself…
Luke 12:17

Why reason ye among yourselves?
Matthew 16:8

Come now, and let us reason together.
Isaiah 1:18

Contrary to the ideas of some, God does not discourage reason. He wants us to reason with Him. Reasoning within ourselves we arrive at conclusions as wrong as did the rich fool who planned for “many years,” when God said, “This night…”

Reasoning among ourselves we do no better. The scribes and Pharisees were always reasoning (Mk. 11:31; Lk. 5:21) but their conclusions led to the crucifying of our Saviour. The disciples reasoned (Mk. 8:17; Lk. 9:46; 24:15), but they reasoned amiss until the Lord cleared things up.

God wants us to reason together with Him on the basis of revelation, not on our poor logic. “The heart has its reasons of which the reason knows nothing,” said Pascal. There is a higher logic, which the natural man cannot receive; it is foolishness to him. But if we will let God reason with us, He will reveal His wisdom from above by the Spirit.

“While they…reasoned, Jesus himself drew near” (Lk. 24:15). Let Him clear up your problems!

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