Devotion of the Day


Mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me. But thou, O Lord…
Psalm 41:9,10

We might as well as face it: most of us meet some sad disillusionments and heartaches at the hands of our friends. The servant of God will learn that while God never fails him, God’s people sometimes do. He will learn to expect little of people but much of God. We must make up our minds – “Am I going to trust God or not?” People will fail me, my very best friend may forsake me, but God will make up any deficits in His own way. Either we carry on with a childlike trust or we become sour and suspicious and hard-boiled, we worry and scheme by our own wits to “give as good as we get,” and that does disastrous things to us as Christians. Of course, we are not to be gullible simpletons, but it is better to be wronged once in a while by people we trusted than to grow cynical after the pattern of this world. When it is all over, we shall find that God evened it up and took care of us, even though some of His people failed. We are winners after all if we stay sweet, though we may be losers at the hands of men.

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