Devotion of the Day


Do thy diligence to come before winter.
II Timothy 4:21

“It is not good that the man should be alone.” Adam had God in the Garden of Eden, but he still needed Eve, and God knew it. We must have human companionship. Paul had no wife, so he turned to his friends, and to Timothy, his “beloved son” in particular. He urged first, “Do they diligence to come shortly unto me” (v.9); then he thought of approaching cold weather and of what it would add to his loneliness, so he repeats his request and says, “Come before winter.” It is a touching sidelight on a great soul, but human like us all.

Winter has a way of coming in varied forms, and blessed is the fellowship of a kindred soul. We have the Lord, but He Himself has recognized that we need the touch of a human hand. He Himself came down and lived among us as a man. We cannot see Him now, but blest be the tie that binds human hearts in Christian love. Most precious of earthly ties is husband and wife “in the Lord.” If Paul is denied a wife he had better find a Timothy. And may Timothy arrive before winter!

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