Quote of the Day

We need a day of repentance for the way we sing songs that we do not mean. Plenty of people sing: “My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine; For Thee all the follies of sin I resign…” without any thought of giving up their sins. Lying is still lying when set to music.

We ask the Lord to “hold o’er our beings absolute sway,” with no thought of consenting to His control.

Then there is that old favorite, “Take My Life and Let It Be Consecrated, Lord, to Thee,” but most people who sing it mean it as it reads in the index, “Take my life and let it be”!

Can you ask God to take your hands and let them move at the impulse of His love – at a card game? Can you ask Him to let your feet be swift and beautiful for Him – on a dance floor? Can you invite Him to take your voice and let you sing only, always, for your King – and then sing the evil songs of this world? Can you ask Him to take your silver and gold, affirming “not a mite would I withhold” – when you hold onto it with all your might?

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