Devotion of the Day


Thy daughter is dead: why troublest thou the Master any further?
Mark 5:35

“The little girl is dead. It is too late now. Why bother the Master and take up His time?”

Have you come to a place where the case seems hopeless, where the prospect is “dead”? That loved one for whom you have prayed so long seems in direr straits than ever. The hope long deferred now seems impossible.

But Jesus had no funerals. And when the world says the issue is as dead as a corpse, remember that Jesus can break up funerals. We are so prone to give up and attend the interment of our hopes when God would raise the dead.

Jesus said to the ruler, “Be not afraid, only believe.” And so He says to you. When ordinary logic, when undiscerning friends say, “It is too late,” be not afraid to “trouble the Master.”

Only believer…
All things are possible,
Only believe!