Devotion of the Day

“Any Time” Or “God’s Time”?

Shew thyself to the world….My time is not yet come: but your time is always ready.
John 7:4,6

Jesus’ unbelieving brethren thought He was not handling His publicity right. Why didn’t He get out of the backwoods in Galilee and go up to Jerusalem, the capital, where He would be noticed and could demonstrate Himself?

How little they understood Jesus! God’s ways are not ours. The church too often has followed the counsel of unbelievers and “shewed itself” to the world. God does not run His business after the pattern of this age.

“Your time is always ready,” Jesus told His brethren. The man of this world is always in season, for this is the season of this world. But when the world passes and the lists thereof, the man who does God’s will abides forever.

He who walks in God’s way has a schedule and must await God’s time for this and that. But the unbeliever “one time is as good as another.” The world knows nothing of seeking the mind of the Lord before doing this or that. But those who acknowledge Him in all their ways find that He directs their paths.

Quote of the Day

We are trying to make the gospel acceptable to man as he is. The church becomes an Old Adam Improvement Society. Here is a prospective church member in a Sunday morning congregation. He is a man of the world, takes a social drink, swears, and, if tempted, is shaky morally. He wants to join the church. It helps business, will look good on his obituary, and is a status symbol. He may have a church letter. People are going to hell on church letters. Do we ask him whether he has ever been converted? He might be offended. If we challenged him to deny self, take up his cross, and follow Jesus, he might take off to some other church where he can be a member and live in any old way. Such a church would not be hard to find, Our Lord lost some of His best prospects. The rich young ruler would be received gladly today, with no questions asked and no sacrifice required. The status quo would not be disturbed. It might help some prospects today if their status were “un-quoted.”