Quote of the Day

To the women who wept as He went to the cross, our Lord said, “. .weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children” (Luke 23:28). Some dear souls get sentimental just before Easter and feel sorry for the suffering Saviour, thinking they are very religious. Then they go to church on Easter and that does it for a whole year. Our Lord wants no cheap sympathy. He was not the helpless victim of a mob nor did He climb Calvary because He couldn’t help Himself. He could have called down twelve legions of angels. He went up voluntarily to lay down His life and take it up again. There was nothing weak and pitiful about that. We had better save our tears for ourselves and our children. Modern mothers had better weep for wayward children, broken homes, approaching judgment.

Devotion of the Day


The Lord is able to give thee much more than this.
II Chronicles 25:9

Amaziah had hired an army of Israel to fight Edom, when he should have relied upon God. When a prophet advised against it Amaziah was concerned about the money he had paid out for such assistance. The prophet answered with our text. In other words, God is able to make up any loss we sustain when we give up anything for Him.

We are prone to seek help from the world when confronted with a crisis. To give it up leaves us with a helpless feeling. What about the sacrifices we make and the money we lose? But we only give up trash for treasures and rags for riches. God can and will abundantly compensate us for any loss we sustain. After all, we never lose anything by utter reliance on God. We but get rid of hindrances. It is never a losing proposition to trust God. When to us to live is Christ, then to die is gain, and even death pays dividends.

The Lord is able to give us much more than we lose when we part with all else to trust Him.