Quote of the Day

I do not understand all the details of the Book of Revelation but there is a special blessing promised to all who read, hear, and keep its message and I don’t want to miss that blessing. I have read many interpretations of many schools of thought and I do not think anybody has the last word on the exact meaning of every seal, trumpet, vial, and the six hundred and sixty-six. But I read the Apocalypse more than ever and understand what Godet meant when he wrote, “The more deeply the church plants in the earth the stakes of her tent and establishes herself at her ease here below, the more does the Apocalypse become to her a foreign and even repulsive book. The more, on the other hand, tempestuous winds shake the curtains of her temporary dwelling-place and threaten to break their cords, the more does she feel the value of this marvelous book which teaches her to look up continually toward the bridegroom whose return she expects.” These weird and sinister figures that move through this mysterious book take on fresh meaning against the uncanny, frightening headlines of every newspaper. The only vantage point for a correct survey of the modern scene is Patmos.

The daily devotions are from Pepper ‘n Salt by Vance Havner. Fleming H. Revell Company, 1966.

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