Quote of the Day

I had finished a week’s preaching in Baltimore on a Sunday night and was due to begin in La Salle, Illinois, on the Monday night following. Some said I couldn’t make it on wartime train schedules. On Monday morning, I noticed that the Pullman seat opposite mine was occupied by a prominent government official. He was on his way to speak in Chicago. Pressure was brought to bear on his behalf and the train really went through on time. I sat and looked at him—a cat may look at a king—and thought, “You may think we are making this schedule because you are to speak in Chicago, but, really, the good Lord is just getting this little preacher to La Salle to begin his revival on time!” That was one time I had the government working for me! It may seem that man’s plans are given the main line today, but God is seeing His own program through. The best thing we can do is to find out which way God is going and get ourselves going in that direction.

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