Quote of the Day

Jeremiah said, “Break up your fallow ground, and sow not among thorns” (4:3). Some Bible teaching is like sowing seed in a briar patch: the heart has not been prepared. Too much of our religious instruction is like a swimming lesson on dry land: teaching all things commanded is not enough. We must teach men to observe all things commanded. God’s Word is a lamp and a light, but the light is not only to be looked at; it must be walked in. Stare at the mid-day sun and you will go blind. It is impossible to be blinded by an excess of light. If we are hearers only, and not doers of the Word, we deceive ourselves. I never hear that part of James 1:22 quoted: “…deceiving your own selves.” Look at the light an you will be blinded. Walk in the light and you will be blessed.

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