Quote of the Day

As in every other field, there are some misfits in the ministry. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15). A wolf is doubly dangerous wearing a sheepskin and a preacher who makes a living in the church whose faith he denies is the worst of hypocrites. At least Bob Ingersoll stayed out of the pulpit! Then there are Davids in Saul’s armor, loaded down with paraphernalia from a conventional arsenal when God meant for them to use sling and stone. There are servants upon horses and princes on foot (Ecclesiastes 10:7). Preachers who can’t preach sometimes occupy chief seats in the synagogue while truly great preachers often minister in Podunk. We shall be surprised both ways at the judgment and will need to revise Who’s Who in the Ministry. If it were a matter of merit, some now on horseback would be hitchhiking. But whether one’s travel be equestrian or pedestrian, his one responsibility is to be faithful. If time fails to recognize the truly great, eternity will reveal them.

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