Quote of the Day

Isaac dug again the wells of his father. The Philistines had filled them up and they had to be re-opened. You will observe that Isaac did not have a prayer meeting and ask God to send down an angel with a shovel. Re-opening clogged spiritual wells is our responsibility. Prayer will accomplish many things but not everything. Moses at the Red Sea was praying when he should have been proceeding, and God put an end to that (Exodus 14:15). Joshua on his face after the defeat at Ai was bidden to get up. It was time to find out who was at the bottom of all the trouble. God will raise Lazarus but will not roll the stone away from the sepulcher. We must break up our fallow ground and stir up the gift of God within us. We waste time in prayer meetings trying to persuade God to assume our responsibilities. No use asking God to make us humble when we are told to humble ourselves. Well-digging is not a pleasant pastime, and repentance, confession and restitution are not enjoyable, but they get to the heart of the trouble. And when the well is dug, the water will flow.

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