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There is a nervous, unstable segment of the religious world today, ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. Like the Athenians of Paul’s time, they are forever seeking some new thing. Every time a new theologian comes out with some novel slant on God or the church or the world, every time a new translation breaks into print, they cry “Eureka!” The Bible must be viewed in “in the light of” every fad that blows into town, in the light of science or psychology or philosophy or current events. Isn’t it about time to turn things around and view these things in the light of the Bible? After all these centuries, must the Book of books be put on trial every few days while a panel of churchmen pool their ignorance in a symposium? I do not get excited when a physicist, for instance, endorses the Bible. It gives me a little more faith in the physicist but not necessarily in the Bible. When Bob Ingersoll was lecturing on “The Mistakes of Moses,” somebody remarked that he would be interested in hearing Moses lecture on the mistakes of Ingersoll! It would be comical if it were not so pitiful-this trying to make the Word of God pay tribute at all the little toll gates of this befuddled age. Let us feed the meat of the Word to hungry-hearted people who never heard of existentialism and let theologians pick the bones.

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