Quote of the Day

There were multitudes of converts in the Acts but they were the results and not the goals. On the day of Pentecost, the Apostles did not say, “Let’s shoot for five thousand next time.” They witnessed in the power of the Spirit and the thousands came. If we had what they had, we would exceed all our “goals.”

The daily devotions are from Pepper ‘n Salt by Vance Havner. Fleming H. Revell Company, 1966.

Devotion of the Day

Sand or Seed

Faith as a grain of mustard seed.
Matthew 17:20

If you would develop a living faith, not like a grain of sand but like a grain of seed, do not read too many books on faith. One dear brother will tell you that you must agonize and strive to enter, while another would have you “take it by faith.” Both are right: you must mean business and be in dead earnest, but beyond that you must, like Hudson Taylor, quit working at your faith and rest in the Faithful one.

Books on faith are colored by the author’s temperament, theology, experience, style of expression. You can become more concerned about the quantity and quality of your faith than about its object. You never will get your experience to suit you. You will never pray just as you want to, or feel or preach or live just as you want to. Perfection is found only in Him.

Real faith stops studying itself and is occupied with Him. Quit digging in the ashes of your poor heart for satisfaction. Consider Him-not your faith- “lest ye be weary and faint in your minds.”

The daily devotions are from Day by Day by Vance Havner. Fleming H. Revell Company, 1953.