Devotion of the Day

When the Task Seems Insignificant

Go ye into the village over against you: in the which at your entering ye shall find a colt tied, whereon yet never man sat: lose him, and bring him hither.
Luke 19:30

These disciples, after three years of training for greater tasks, might have felt that going after a donkey was a rather unimportant errand. But there are no trivial assignments in the work of the Lord. That colt was part of t Divine plan from the foundation of the world. The Lord of creation called it into His service just as He called to His service the fish with the tax money in its mouth and the rooster at Peter’s denial.

If you are commissioned to go “borrow a colt” for the Lord do not think your chore has no significance. Bring the colt to Him and He will fit it into His arrangements. The simplest detail is charged with meaning if it be part of His will. This humble little colt was a fulfillment of prophecy made centuries before, and the smallest link in the chain of God’s great purpose is worth your service.

They were to tell the owner of the colt, “The Lord hath need of him.” Finding a few loaves and fishes for Him to bless and multiply, a fish with a coin to pay His taxes, a donkey for Him to ride – nothing is too lowly if the Lord needs it.

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