Devotion of the Day

Revival—Or Else

Thou hast left thy first love.
Revelation 2:4

In the course of history, Christianity periodically clutters up with its own projects and paraphernalia. Then God raises up a new fellowship of fresh Christians somewhere, all aglow in simple faith and obedience. Sometimes this happens in a local church, either when the old crowd has a revival or there is a blood transfusion of new converts.

In individual experience we tend to get away from our first love, not always into false doctrine or worldly living, but, like the saints at Ephesus, while still orthodox and busy at church work.

Happy is the man who can go deeply into profound doctrine or multiplied activities and yet not lose the warmth of simple faith and love. How to maintain the glow of our early love for Christ amidst all the complexities of today and not lose the best amongst the good is a major matter. How to delve deeply into the mysteries of God and still be just a simple Christian; how to work hard in involved labors of the church and yet be just a humble believer is a supreme concern.

If you have left your first love, the way back is Remember, Repent, Repeat. Our Lord offers a grievous alternative…Removal. It is Revival—or else.

The daily devotions are from Day by Day by Vance Havner. Fleming H. Revell Company, 1953.

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