Devotion of the Day

My Home is God

Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.
Psalm 90:1

God is not only our hiding place, He is our dwelling place. He is not merely a Shelter for the night, He is our Staying Place forever. There we are not in hiding, we are at home.

Some flee to Him for refuge but do not make themselves at home. They worry and doubt and fear. The Israelite who worried although the blood was on his doorpost was just as safe as the one who rested in peace, but he was not enjoying his security. Blessed is the soul who learns how to nestle down deep and snug in his Abiding Place.

An old Negro woman was asked, “Are you standing on the rock, sister?” She said, “Man, I’m standing on it so solid I’m mired up in it!”

We might as well settle down in God now, for the day will come when only God will remain. Our bodies, our homes, our financial security, our jobs, all these house us but temporarily, and one day all of them will fail. We had better be “home in God” now. Then if we lose all else we still have all we ever really had.

Your Hiding Place is your Dwelling Place. Make yourself at home!

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