Devotion of the Day

Then Jesus Came

When the doors were shut…came Jesus…Came Jesus, the doors being shut.
John 20:19, 26.

Are you living behind closed doors bolted against some nameless dread or fear? Is it fear of man, fear of tomorrow, or some other hobgoblin that peers in the window of your soul? The Lord is with you. Not visibly as in this blessed account, but remember that He told Thomas on this same day. “Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” You can count on Him, for He promised to be with us all the days – all kinds of days.

No prison bars, no dungeon gates, no walls of blindness, deafness, no Patmos isles of loneliness can keep Him out. The doors being shut…comes Jesus! “He saw them toiling in rowing…and…he cometh unto them.” Our very distress is the reason for His approach! The very fact that the doors are shut challenges Him to enter!

There is only one door He will not enter – your unyielded heart. But open that door and He will come in. All other closed doors are to Him an invitation, not a barrier.

“Came Jesus…the doors being shut.”

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