Devotion of the Day

They Need Not Depart

They need not depart; give ye them to eat.
Matthew 14:16

The disciples thought it was time to send the multitude away to buy food. But is is never necessary to go away from Jesus for anything. All we need is in Him. Men are going in all directions foraging for food, but He is the Bread of Life. It is not necessary to supplement your diet with anything from the fleshpots of Egypt. All the vitamins and calories your soul requires are in Christ. He is Alpha and Omega – and all the letters between!

But He also said, “Give ye them to eat.” We are His agents, His representatives today, and we need never send men away elsewhere from our sufficient Saviour.

But how can we give them to eat? The disciples saw only five loaves and two fishes. The Lord said, “Bring them hither to me.” Bring what you have, all you have, and He will multiply it to meet the demand.

What a joy to represent a Lord who never meets an emergency that makes it necessary to dismiss the crowd! They need never depart – for to whom shall they go?

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