Devotion of the Day

“Vival” or Revival?

Enoch walked with God.
Genesis 5:24

Enoch did not need a revival every year to keep him going. Most Christians and churches need a periodic stirring up, but it should not, and need no, be so. We are in danger of thinking of revival as an occasional shot in the arm, a spurt of religious enthusiasm that soon plays out. God never meant that His children should live by fits and starts, and up-and-down experience. Some husbands and wives live that way, with periods of indifference, quarreling, and then making up again. How much better is that steady and constant companionship, not perfect, but faithful and dependable day by day!

With churches on almost every other corner, it is pathetic that we should have to have a special reviving every year. If we walked with God and kept up to date with Him we should never need to all in a preacher to get us back to normal. For real revival is simply normal New Testament Christianity, not an unusual religious spree.

If we had a daily “vival” we should not need an occasional revival. Let us walk as children of the day and we shall not need to be awakened every year.

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