Devotion of the Day

The Lesson of Carmel: God’s Power

The God that answereth by fire, let him be God.
I Kings 18:24

The great day on Carmel had all the element’s of a mighty moving of God. There was the promise of showers of blessing (v.1). There were the human efforts of Ahab and Obadiah to meet the need of the hour (2-16). There was God’s man who was in a sense the troubler of Israel as the disturber of a false peace (17-20). There was the call to take a stand for God or Baal (21). There was the test of fire. Not “the God that answereth by finances or fame or feelings” but “by fire” (24). There was the repairing of broken altars (30). No wonder we read, “then the fire of the Lord fell” (38), and “There is a sound of abundance of rain” (41).

Elijah prayed down both fire and water. We need both today. And we can have both. When the Fire of His Spirit falls from above, the floods of His blessing are sure to follow.

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