Devotion of the Day


Hinder me not, seeing the Lord hath prospered my way.
Genesis 24:56

Abraham’s servant needed plenty of guidance. A man looking for a wife for himself needs all the illumination he can get, but this servant was looking for a wife for somebody else! Being in the way, as he put it, the Lord led him and he found the right girl. Now the subtle temptation to tarry awhile arises. It looks innocent enough, but he is on his guard. It is dangerous to linger. He will be on his journey. “Hinder me not, seeing the Lord hath prospered my way.”

We are often faced with the tempter’s suggestion to tarry, linger awhile, take it easy. But if the Lord has prospered our way we had better be going. Layovers at Satan’s suggestion become layoffs, and we fail of our mission. The diligent servant who is about his master’s business will take no holiday when he should be up and about and on his way home.

It would have been pleasant to enjoy the hospitality of Rebekah’s kinfolk and they meant well, no doubt. But the most innocent and well-intentioned can spell havoc with God’s timetable.

“Rise, let us be going.”

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