Devotion of the Day


I perceive that this is an holy man of God.
II Kings 4:9

How many of us modern prophets, do you suppose, ever convey such an impression to the Shunammites of today? The words “holy” and “holiness” have been joked about, and to not a few a holy man means a queer fanatic with long hair, robe, and sandals. But we are in dire need of some “holy men of God” who may be out of style with earth but are in step with heaven. The modern variety of religious go-getter may dazzle us with brilliance and efficiency, but he does not make us think first either of holiness or God.

Said McCheyne: “Men return again and again to the few who have mastered the spiritual secret, whose life has been hid with Christ in God. These are of the old-time religion, hung to the nails of the cross.”

We are weary of the success and happiness school. We need holy men of God who are in touch with Headquarters, who remind us of another world than this.

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