Devotion of the Day


Then the fire of the Lord fell…
I Kings 18:38

But the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.
I Kings 19:12

God was in the fire at Carmel; He was not in the fire at Horeb. We are not to gather from the still, small voice that God is never in wind, earthquake, and fire. He often is. He came at Pentecost with a sound as of a rushing mighty wind. He came in an earthquake in the Philippian jail.

God works in nature in the cataclysmic, in flood and tornado; and He works in the gradual, quiet process of the seasons. He works in mighty mass movements in revival with a Whitefield or a Moody. But He also moves in quiet gatherings in the day-by-day work of faith and labor of love among the churches.

And into our hearts He sometimes breaks in sudden and tempestuous ways, in mountain-top raptures and third-heaven experiences. But He also works in daily growth in the knowledge of Christ, the quiet walk by His sufficient grace.

You cannot live at Carmel all the time. Carmel happens only once in a while. God is at Horeb too – if you have ears to hear.

2 thoughts on “Devotion of the Day”

  1. Thank you for keeping these daily devotionals posted. This is more handy than the book. Your efforts are appreciated.

  2. I am enjoying these devotionals so much. I wish I could also find a printed version. I like “meat” and these provide that. They are directed more to a “seasoned” believer. They give me pause, something to really think about.


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