Devotion of the Day


Study to be quiet.
I Thessalonians 4:11

One of our national leaders some years ago expressed doubt as to whether there could have been a Constitution of the United States if the Convention had been currently reported by radio, telegraph, and newspapers over the thirteen colonies. Now, with television added, he might wonder some more. The tempo of the times and our publicity gadgets have had a devastating effect on contemplation and deliberation. It shows up in the documents and dissertations we are turning out.

Unless somebody gets still long enough to hear from God we are going to have scant word from heaven these days. Our Lord made the people sit down before He fed them. Samuel said to Saul, “Stand thou still a while, that I may shew thee the word of God.” We are all living in a commotion and we do not know how to break out of the frenzy. Solitude is maddening to us, for we run in herds.

Habakkuk was in a stew of complaint about the times until he got off to his tower to hear what God would say. In our text Paul is calming some overexcited saints – and we could take a few lessons today!

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  1. What a blessing to be preached the word of God through Vance Havner…. Now I must apply it……..

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