Devotion of the Day


Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.
Hebrews 13:8.

It is said that George Muller kept on his desk a motto bearing the central words of our text, “AND TODAY.” Well might he do so and surely few men have demonstrated better the truth of it. It is not difficult to believe in Jesus Christ the same yesterday. And He will prove one day that He is the same forever. But “Jesus Christ the same today” – what a time we have with that middle span! Amid the dull monotony of things as they are, when the skies seem leaden and nothing breaks on the uninteresting scene, it is easier to visualize the Christ of the Galilean Past or the Christ of the Glorious Future than to expect great things from the Christ of the Glamourless Now.

But our text stoutly insists and today. We may not see Him in the flesh as they saw Hi yesterday, and we see not yet all things put under Him as one day we shall, but He said He would be with us “all the days,” and that includes today.

Is not many a Christian experience like this verse with “and today” in very fine type—strong in faith in the Christ of yesterday and forever, but very weak in faith in His presence and power today?

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