Devotion of the Day


I know whom I have believed.
II Timothy 1:12

Once in a while somebody speaks of “staking all on Christ,” or risking everything on God’s promises, as though it were a glorified gamble. But we are not gambling when we venture on God’s Word. Staking something on an uncertainty is a gamble, but when we commit to Christ we are depending on an absolute certainty that cannot fail. It is one thing trying to get on by auto-suggestion, trying to imagine what may or may not be actually true. It is another thing venturing on something we know is true, though sometimes it may not be real to us. Then we may with confidence live as though it were true because it is.

God’s promises are true, forever settled in heaven. Jesus is true. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but never His words. Paul knew whom he trusted. There is no chance about it, but absolute certainty. We are risking nothing when we trust Him. He will keep the deposit.

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