Devotion of the Day

Keep Step With God

Enoch walked with God.
Genesis 5:24

Enoch did not run ahead of God or lag behind Him. He walked with Him. Some go too fast, they hasten to an immature and superficial experience with god, and their consecration is not thorough. They make a mechanical “decision,” but the depths have never been stirred. Or else in a spell of emotion they make a hurried covenant with God but have no root or depth.

Others go too slowly. They are so afraid of a false decision that they make none. They spend nights praying for what is already theirs in Christ. They go into vagaries and extremes of “seeking,” and sometimes become unbalanced.

There is a happy balance here. All that we need is in Jesus. Let us make no cheap and quick committals until all has been laid at His feet and we really mean business. Long hours of prayer are necessary only if we are stubborn, God is not slow to hear and answer. If we really mean business we need not tarry. Christ is here now, immediately accessible. No use wasting time afraid we are not “sure.” We can never be sure of ourselves; He is the sure One!

Walk with God. “Run not before him.” Lag not behind Him.

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