Quote of the Day

Joshua and the elders of Israel lay on their faces and prayed after the defeat at Ai, but it did no good. There was sin in the camp and Achan had to be dealt with. The church at Corinth prided itself in its tolerance of immorality, but Paul demanded that the offender be put out and delivered to Satan. There is sin in the churches today and neither pious prayer meetings nor amiable tolerance will take care of the situation. We are afraid to touch Achan and the fornicators with a forty-foot pole. There is no church discipline now, for who would discipline whom? Ananias and Sapphira are more likely to be on the official board.

Devotion of the Day


Wherefore Jesus…suffered without the gate. Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp.
Hebrews 13:12,13

Jesus kept his “wherefore” and I must keep my “therefore.” He went without the gate to suffer and I must go outside the camp to serve. I am not merely to go from something, I am to go to Him. Where He is I belong. And it is not His popularity but His reproach that I must bear. The world and some churches have devised a popular Christ, but He is not this Christ of the Wherefore. One can stay inside the camp and follow this fictitious Jesus, but not the One who suffered that I might be sanctified with His blood. This present age, like all ages past, despises a bleeding Christ and a gory cross. There is nothing elegant about following a crucified Saviour and seeking a city to come.

I cannot get by with singing about the wondrous cross. Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all. His “wherefore” demands my “therefore.” And that means the sacrifice of person: “Let us…(v.13), of praise (v.15), of possessions (v.16)

“Jesus paid it all” in the Wherefore. “All to Him I owe” in the Therefore.