Quote of the Day

A well-known politician used to say, “If you want to get along, go along.” This is the day of go-alongism. The free world is trying to go along with Communism. We call it “peaceful coexistence.” Faith is trying to go along with unbelief. The church is trying to go along with the world. The new nature tries to go along with the old. But Christians cannot go along with each other. The one place where go-alongism should succeed is where it fails.

Devotion of the Day


And he was called the friend of God.
James 2:23

Of all the preachers and teachers and religious folk of our day, how few impress us that they know God! Able and successful, earnest and aggressive, we find in them much that is good. But can we not count on our fingers those who have gone far into the deeper things of the Spirit, who have learned those precious secrets of intimacy with God? To how few could we go in an hour of deepest trouble, to how few dare we tell our inmost problems!

This age of Phenobarbital and psychoses does not lend itself to a closer walk with God. The price is great nowadays, and he who chooses to be God’s friend may be overlooked in the worship of celebrities. But in our better and needier moments we turn from heroes to seek some lowly soul who has learned those rare lessons of the school of Enoch who walked with God. Our efficient American Christianity is too busy putting things over to be interested in the quiet, slow saints who take time to be holy instead of just singing about it.

Give us more friends of God!