Quote of the Day

Years ago I was to address an evangelistic conference in First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. I prepared two messages for that occasion and another for Southwestern Seminary. In addition I found myself getting together material for a message about John Wesley. I could not understand why all this Methodist information was accumulating when I was going to preach to Baptists. But when I arrived in Dallas I was invited to speak to the ministerial students at Southern Methodist University. How often the Lord prepares us beforehand for what He is preparing for us!

Devotion of the Day

“Where It Listeth”

The wind bloweth where it listeth.
John 3:8

Why is preaching a delight one day, while the next day the chariot wheels drag heavily? Why does the same sermon bring amens one time and yawns the next? Why does one man in church see the heavenly vision, while the one beside him is bored to death? Why does the revival lightning strike there instead of here, then instead of now?

There are many factors, but add them all, and still you are left with an X if you leave this out: “The wind bloweth where it listeth.” The Spirit is sovereign to do as He wills. He is not capricious nor does He ignore other factors, but He has the last word.

His movements cannot be charted. Jesus said we cannot determine the whence and where of the wind.

But we can put up our wind mills and be ready!